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About Wibrate

Wibrate is an ‘Online Hyper-Local Market Place’, specifically developed to bridge the gap between local buyers and sellers by giving a digital space. Justifying its tagline - “Apno Se Apno Tak”, Wibrate enables local buyers to receive their orders by local and familiar faces.

The motivation behind developing this market place was to give local sellers a fighting chance in online business and help them evolve into a digital market. With this emerging technology, Wibrate gets them in touch with a wide range of opportunities of growing business, expanding their services, and strengthening the ‘buyer-seller relationship.

Wibrate Functions

• Customer Specific:

Through this convenient market place, people can buy or order several goods online. Wibrate lets the customers purchase a variety of products from local vendors. Wibrate can locate the registered stores nearby making it easy for customers to find their regular shopping destinations.

On Wibrate, customers can place orders for the goods like vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, frozen deserts, snacks, bakery items, grocery, home care products, and gift cards. People can surprise their close ones by gifting specific good or gift card on special occasions by purchasing the item and sharing the receiver’s address.

Online shopping saves time, especially for the working class and provides a facility to have a quick look at the available items, which might be difficult when the stores are flooded with customers.

• Merchant Specific:

Wibrate focuses on providing a progressive platform to merchants to offer their services to a large pool customers around them. Selling on this market place will help increase sales and one won’t need to bother about promoting their business.

Apart from financial benefits, the merchants get to establish a bond with customers, earn their trust, and most importantly, they can estimate the market behavior as well as customer’s shopping interest.

Be it a seller or owner with a store, mart, dairy, bakery, fruit-vegetable hub, ice cream-chocolate parlor, restaurant or a quick-bite shop, everyone can enlist their business on Wibrate and offer online services.

• Our Vision:

The idea that keeps us moving forward is to be an essential resource for buyers and a revolutionary platform for sellers.

Categories Available On Wibrate

Wibrate Super Store
Groceries, Beverages, and Household Items

Locate your nearer Grocery stores, General stores, Mart-Supper marts, and start ordering your essentials. Get high-quality Groceries, varieties of rich Beverages, Soft-drinks, and other Household items I.e. Flour packets, Cleaning material, Sanitizing essentials, and more; get these items delivered at your door-steps.

Wibrate Fruites & Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

Get the fresh and hand-picked vegetables like Corn, Cherries, Carrots, Beans, guava, Peas, etc. will be delivered to you. All kinds of fruits like Limes, Banana, etc. all seasoned fruits; and seasonal fruits like Apple, Jackfruits, Mango, etc. fruits are easy to search in search-field and order at the moment. Get these delivered with quality and fresh.

Wibrate Quick Bites
Foods and Quick Bites

Find a famous and popular quick bite restaurants and hotels. Order your favorite snacks, Ice-creams, fast-food items, sandwiches, Pizza, Burger, Flat-breads, Frankie, Veg. wraps, Dhokla, Khamn, Puff, etc. items and order your favorite taste. We have got all on Wibrate.

Wibrate Bakery
Bakery and Snacks

Get all kinds of Bakery items and varieties of snacks; order from Bakeries nearby you. Get Farsan, varieties of Biscuits, Chips, Cookies, Pies, Doughnuts, Cupcakes, and Tortillas. Find your light snacks and order.

Wibrate Dairy & Sweets
Dairy products, Ice Creams & Sweets

On Wibrate, you’ll find all of the necessary Dairy Products, from Milk to Cheese and Butter to Yogurts. Order your favorite Dairy items like Sour cream, Cottage, Dips, Curd, etc. Get the varieties of Ice-creams, Cones, Cups- Scoops, and Milk Shakes. Also, you will find and order Chocolates, Cakes, Chocolate-Bars, Energy-bars, Sorbets, and other Sweets.

Wibrate Gift Cards
Gift Cards

The Wibrate users can find a wide range of digital gift cards. These digital gift cards can be sent to anybody through Wibrate, no matter if these are Discount cards or discounted cards. A gift card is a preferred option, especially on the special occasions. This will allow the person on the other side to use that gift card according to interest. It is a kind of envelope with cash; which can be sent digitally.

The Cherry on The Cake

The Varieties of Service Options

Wibrate Customer Icon

For Customers

  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Scheduled Delivery
Wibrate Seller Icon

For Customers and Sellers

  • The Delivery services from the store. (Stores' staff)
  • Self Pick-up service
Wibrate Shop Icon

For Sellers

  • Delivery by staff
  • Delivery agencies
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