Benefits of installing free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has now become ubiquitous. With all mobile phones, tablets, PCs and gaming devices at home working on Wi-Fi and people expecting the same from other commercial enterprises, the Wi-Fi is one facility that businesses cannot afford not to provide. In cities throughout the world, people are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect to their loved ones and colleagues through chat, phone calls and browsing the internet.

For many businesses unsure about the benefits of Free Wi-Fi, here is what will change your mind

Higher ranking than competitors

Here in India, free Wi-Fi is not so much widespread, if you have it, you are sure to get more foot traffic than your competitors. The youth generally will go to the place they see ‘Free Wi-Fi’ with, on searching online for any establishment they want to go to. A free Wi-Fi board outside your establishment is a sure shot way to attract more people, irrespective of the actual service provided. Some people are known to even leave an establishment if free Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Increased spending

You may be worried about people entering your establishment, just for the Wi-Fi, but recent studies have shown that people tend to spend more in a place where free Wi-Fi is available. Not just for visiting but also spending more as a result of using the Free Wi-Fi.

Attracts a new set of customers

If your restaurant is known locally to only attract the elderly, the free Wi-Fi will help you attract a new demographic- the youth. Additionally many young people who want to visit your establishment alone will do so if free Wi-Fi is available, without which they might feel awkward.