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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will get a push notifications to alert you of a nee gift card purchase. You will also get an email includes gift card details, your gift card Code/PIN along with redemption instruction and relate T&C.
Redeeming your gift card is so easy, simply take your phone to the merchant and show your gift card code to them. Merchant will scan your code to redeem your gift card.
It depends on T&C of particular brand whether they have policy of allow you to use balance partially or full at once. Gift card balance can be redeemed until there is zero balance, or it has expired
Merchant is charged a minimal transaction fee for selling the gift cards through our platform. Customer receives the full value of the gift.
It is very easy to track gift card sales and redemptions. Just access the ‘Wibrate Plus’ Merchant app.

1. Login into Wibrate Plus app with your login credentials
2. Click on Dashboard

There you will find all the details of total sold gift cards, total redeemed, pending and received payment,etc
To process a payment that exceed the gift card value, enter the gift card code, process the gift card as the instructions you’re given with the gift card and continue with the transaction for the remaining amount.