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There are many messaging apps offering similar services, why Wibrate Plus?

Wibrate plus allows you to send messages to an unlimited number of people, right through the comfort of your workplace. The Wibrate Plus web portal allows you to use a host of services- you can also integrate it with your office software. This type of service isn’t available with any other messaging service provider.

What about the users who do not have Wibrate installed on their Smartphones?

For users who do not have Wibrate installed, a onetime text message (free of charge) will be sent to them to download the Wibrate app for viewing the message. Once Wibrate is installed, you can then send messages as and when needed.

How to send messages through Wibrate Plus?

  • Log on to your Wibrate plus corporate account
  • Select the group of users to whom you want to send the message
  • Type the message and send…. Done within minutes!
  • How will I get the responses to the user polls, surveys or feedback messages that I send to my users?

    You will get all the responses through the Wibrate Plus corporate account.