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An internet connection has now become a basic necessity of man besides food, clothing, shelter and electricity.

Many people in the West first accessed the Internet through their personal computers, but here in India, for many young people, the first tryst with the internet is through their smartphone- either through Wi-Fi or mobile data plan.

Most of us have faced the situation- we desperately need to check our mails but there is no reliable internet connection in sight. Wibrate aims to solve this challenge.

We offer free WiFi at partner locations- restaurants, hotels, malls, colleges etc. where you can surf the net completely free of charge.



Instant communcation has transformed our lives forever. It has opened new avenues to share ideas, connect with our loved ones and conduct our day to day activities. With cheap smartphones in the hands of every teenager and young adult, we aim to provide an additional medium for you to connect with them. Wibrate.Me is a supplementary chat feature within Wibrate where one can send text messages along with images, audio, and video files.

When any of your esteemed customers downloads the Wibrate app for accessing free WiFi, he/she will also get the additional benefit of using the free messaging app to communicat through their Android/iOS mobile devices.

Additionally, we also have API integration facility where you can integrate Wibrate’s messaging app in your business software to send promotional messages from there, giving you a free medium to connect with your customers.

  • Connect Wibrate WIFI
  • Download Wibrate mobile app
  • Signup with your mobile number
  • Enjoy free WIFI internet
  • Advertise With Us
  • Insant Messaging


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Wibrate is a Wi-Fi app that lets you connect to the internet for free at various partner locations. Additionally, we also have the Wibrate.Me messaging app which allows you to send and receive text and multimedia messages to your near and dear ones.

Wibrate is free to download. Wibrate uses your WIFI or existing data plan to send and receive messages.

  1. When you're using Wi-Fi, the data is completely free
  2. When you're using your existing data plan, the cost is set by your wireless provider
  3. If your Wi-Fi isn't working or you're travelling outside of your normal area of service, you may incur charges
Enable WiFi on your wireless device.
Select Wibrate WiFi in your list of available networks.
Download and Install Wibrate app from Google Play Store/App Store
Register with wibrate using your mobile number.Enjoy free wifi @ your nearest location
For the complete list of locations, find the places on the map Click Here

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