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0% Commission*
Wibrate is a growing home delivery service provider and a Hyper-Local Marketplace, helping you in growing your business online. Reach a large number of customers and sell online. You will pay ‘A ZERO PERCENT’ of Commission to Wibrate. Do your Business with Happiness.
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24 Hours Settlement*
Get payment settlement within 24 hours. Yes, you read correctly! With Wibrate, you will receive your ‘Order Payment’ in the next 24 hours, a working day. Wibrate will deposit ‘The Exact Order Amount’ into your Bank Account with NO Deduction.
Why Wibrate is getting an overwhelming response from the suppliers? The Answer is its services and a unique Style of establishing a Business-Customer Relationship.
Sell at restaurant's menu price

Sell at Restaurants Menu Price

Since there is No Commission to Pay and No Tempting Fake Offers on Wibrate, You can sell your products to your customers, at the SAME PRICE that is imprinted on your Restaurant’s Manu Card. Sell online at the same price you sell at your Restaurant!

Sell at restaurant's menu price

Provide free Delivery to Your Customers

Deliver your orders to your customers by yourself. It is the unique method of retaining your favorability and your trust in them. Plus, On Minimum Price Value or more, you can make ‘A Free Delivery’ to your Customers and distribute Happiness.

Here, What Our Partners Are Saying
Wibrate has brought us, customers, from our surroundings. It took us to the door-steps of our consumers. It is giving us commission as well. Now, we are reaching to our beloved customers through Wibrate.
Wibrate informed our customers that we're ready to serve them at their door-steps and our customers are now getting their favorite food at their own place. Now we are not only in their kitchen but we're in our customers'" hearts too.
Now our food is directly reaching our customers' place. Thank you, Wibrate for connecting us.
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