Terms & Privacy

Wibrate is a free app open to use by anyone, anywhere,anytime. For us to give you continued support to the app, we do store personal details of you, but within certain parameters.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you declare that you are above the age of 18 and are responsible for any post, content or data transmitted through Wibrate, wether to another individual person or to a group of persons.

Those under 18 can use this application only with the prior permission of their parents/guardians and that the parents/guardians agree to the terms and conditions set forth herewith.

From our end we are to ensure

Complete security of your personal messages between you and anyone else. Wibrate will never share your personal messages with any third party, unless in extremely obligatory circumstances.

Complete security of your personal details; Wibrate will not share your personal details- phone number and any other details collected thereafter, with any third party for any reason whatsoever, until it is extremely obligatory to do so in special circumstances.

Timely updation of the application as and when deemed necessary-based on technical specifications and otherwise.

Timely resolutions to any complaints regarding the working of the Wibrate App.

All your personal contacts are not used to make any kind of promotion whatsoever.

That the app works free from any glitches, if any glitches are found, it is our responsibility to solve it as soon as possible and release a newer glitch-free version of the app.

Terms of use from your end

By accessing, viewing and downloading the Wibrate app(the app/we/us), you certify that you are a major, of sound mind and are fit to get into a binding contract with us.

You also take responsibility for all the content shared through the app. You are using the app within the parameters of the law of the land and do not share content that is controversial/objectionable/ damaging to others in nature/ is against the law to anyone through the app.

In the case your phone falls in the wrong hands, you will be solely responsible for any unauthorized activity done with the app.

You shall not use the app for any illegal or unauthorized activity- unsolicited messages or illegally sent bulk spam messages to users of Wibrate.

The Wibrate logo, brand, application and website are intellectual assets of Wibrate Communication LLP. Anyone found copying the app or a portion of the above will be dealt with legally from our end.