why giftcard is powerful marketing tool for any business?

The many benefits of the gift card are often overlooked by merchants. Emails, Advertising, coupons… there are lot of ways to get your customer’s attention. But have you ever wonder what ultimately motivate them to purchase your products or services? Consider below benefits of offering gift cards at your business.

  1. More convenient

    Gift cards are more convenient than all other types of promotional methods including promotional vehicles, paper ad, paper cut coupon, plastic cards, and what not. Merchant typically see a 50-80 percent sales increase from their gift offering.

  2. Increase Brand Awareness

    Gift card is designed to match your business logo and brand and it essentially works as a strong marketing tool. As people purchase gift cards for themselves to give to their friends/family your brand continues to be dispersed among new customers.

  3. Generate revenue in advance of sales

    Not many marketing strategies immediately improve cash flow like gift cards does. You don’t need to pay in advance for any claimed gift card; you keep the cash until the card is redeemed.

  4. Improve Sales

    The gift card encourages customers to enter the store and browse products. Although gift cards are often set to a fix amount, it a higher chance they’ll end up finding a product that costs slightly more than the gift card’s value and customer end up spending more.

  5. Reduce Fraud

    Another reason to provide gift cards is to give your customers a greater sense of security. Gift cards are in digital form and it make the customer feel more secure, and protect your business from potential fraud.

Set up a gift card Program to your marketing plan is a smartest way to acquire new customers; the gift card option is a merchant service that you shouldn’t pass up.

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